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Tools in Designer that are not in Architect?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've reviewed everything I can find (What's New brochures, Vectorworks module comparison matrices, etc) that explains how Designer differs from Architect, but I cannot find anything that lists the actual tools/plug-ins that differ between the two.

For example, Designer has Landmark's "Plant tool" in the site planning palette... What other tools are in that palette that Architect is missing.

Might anyone be able to shed some light on this? Screenshots of VW palettes would be great too, if that help illustrate the differences. Actual explanations of the tools would be amazing, but I'm not expecting that level of detail... Just knowing what tools & plug-in are different should give me enough to research more.

I'm curious to know this as I own Architect but find that more and more I am having to do greeter amounts of detailed site work. If the benefits of Designer (for what I do) justify the cost, I will add it. I just have to be very sure it's justifiable because not only will I be adding the cost of Designer but my VSS will get rewritten to the new price, whereas I am currently still enjoying my day 1 pricing.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you go into your Vectorworks application folder:

Vectorworks2014\VWHelp\Additional Documentation

You should see a file called "Command_Tools.PDF" or something similarly named. This file lists ALL commands and tools that Vectorworks has and there is a matrix on the right showing what modules do and do not contain them, listed as F, D, A, L, S, and R

F- Fundamentals

D- Designer

A- Architect

L- Landmark

S- Spotlight

R- Renderworks

If it has an F, then its in every module (everyone has Fundamentals if they have Vectorworks of any kind), but some items are only in D or A, they will be listed as such.

I have attached mine to this post, but they will be different depending on the version of Vectorworks you are using. Mine's 2014.

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