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Potential Improvements to Reshape Tool

Andy Broomell


There are a few small improvements that could be made to the Reshape tool that would really help increase its usability. My thoughts are listed below:


  1. It would be great if vertices were visually distinguishable from midpoints/edges. Currently the handles are both the same blue square, and at times it can be cumbersome to figure out which type of point is which, particularly when working with more complex shapes. Below is an image of a potential improvement: changing the midpoint handles to thinner rectangles so they visually resemble the fact that they are edges.
  2. I really love the new "Move Edges Parallel" mode, and also love that it only shows the points on which the mode actually works. I feel like this concept could be more universal. For example, "Delete Vertex" mode should only show you vertices since you can't delete midpoints. "Hide/Show Edges" mode should only show edges, not vertices. Etc.
  3. You should be able to use the "Hide/Show Edges" mode directly on Rectangles, even if it auto-converts to a polygon.
  4. It would be nice if you could click anywhere along an existing edge when using the "Add Vertex" mode instead of only on endpoints and midpoints. Additionally, when you currently click on a vertex handle to add a new vertex, it's difficult to know which "direction" the new vertex will go compared to the existing one. (I therefore tend to add vertices via the midpoint handles).
  5. Now that I think about it, it would be nice if the "Hide/Show Edges" mode also worked by clicking anywhere on an edge, rather than just midpoint handles.




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