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Chain Extrude with void?

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Im wondering if the chain extrude command can be used with voids. Im looking to create something like in the image below:

Also, I'm wondering if the final repeat can end on an incomplete section, as the length of the channel isn't always a multiple of the cutouts

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Dunno about chain extrude, but here is a way to do this:

Create the channel extrude, wall thickness 2mm, length 1000mm (or any convenient length

Create an oval, shape of the void, extrude it to 3mm.

Place the oval so it can cut the channel.

Duplicate Array> Linear Array> 50 copies (or enough to "punch" the longest channel), Cartesian Offset = 1.5 length of oval (or whatever matches the real channel).

Select all the ovals and the channel, Model>Subtract Solid

To change the length of the channel, edit the solid, increase or decrease the channel extrude value. Leave all the ovals in place during the edit - the extra ovals do not display out side the edit. Add more ovals to the line if desired channel length is longer than the line of ovals.



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