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importing vector objects from illustrator

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Is it possible to import a vector shape into vectorworks from illustrator? I can import an editable vector shape from another cad program as a dwg but I'm working with photoshop and illustrator and want to take the graphics into vectorworks. I know I can "trace bit map" in vectorworks but that creates an unmanagable thing that is a group of thousands of lines.

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I have never tried importing a graphic into vw. I always go the other direction; vw to photoshop or illustrator.

What are ya'll doing that you need to import stuff too vectorworks?

Can we see some examples somewhere, I am always interested to see and here about new ways of doing things.


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Actually- while I did have some success with the suggestion to export as a dxf in illustrator 9, when I opened that dxf in VW the exported 2d vector object seemed to have some problems- It came in as a polyline 2d symbol. When I extruded it - it became a 3d perimeter shape but not a solid with top and bottom faces. I tried to convert it to a polygon before extruding it with only limited success and then it would not always render for some reason. On the other hand - Rhino had no problems importing illustrator files (.ai) directly (no dxf export needed). It would be extremely useful if vw had this greater import capacity- now it says it imports eps files but they come in as bitmaps so it is really not an import.

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In response to your question about why some need to import image files. Most of my drawings are for hotel concept design schemes which almost always include photos of the existing building and/or 3D model shots that have been saved in PICT (Macintosh) format. Also, scans of other drawings or documents may be imported for tracing, etc.

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I need to import client graphics from Illustrator on a regular basis for making 3D perspective line renderings for step by step setup instructions.

One trick i've learned is that the import image must have line weight in Illustrator before exporting to .dxf. Custom Type especially usually doesn't have line wieght but uses only fill In Illustrator.

Another trick is when the import is taking place, choose all 3D instead of 2D/3D mix in the popup preferences window.

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I came across this post and you indicated you export things from VW to illustrator all thew time.

I am working with my graphic design who works in Illustrator and I send here an exported file in a ESPF format. However, she indicated the text has an outline- Is it possible to eliminate this outline before sending?

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