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Only Select 2D symbols?

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Is there a way to select only 2D symbols in a file?

I will often go to the custom selection dialogue, but it only lets me select symbols. It does not distinguish between 2D, 3D, & Hybrid Symbols.

My issue is I am trying to make a DLVP from an external source. The source is a front elevation only and I am trying to make this viewport appear in the back of the drawing as it would in real life.

My issues is that the drawing was done in a top plan view. When I make the designlayer viewport it is in top plan view. No problem I think I will just rotate it as I have done before. Well apparently when I have done it other times I did not have 2D or Hybrid symbols referenced in the viewport. Now I am trying to get a work around on how to do this.

My initial thought was to go through and convert all the 2D only symbols to 3D in the resource browser. However there are a ton of them and after 10 minutes this proved to be quite a project.

What I want to do is select all these items and decide if I can just delete them, but I cannot find a way to select just the 2D or Hybrid symbols.

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Yes, you could script it pretty easily.

But for what you're doing wouldn't it be easier to take the whole viewport and Modify > Convert > Convert Copy to Lines and then use those lines?

Or select all the symbols and Modify > Convert > Convert to Group. This would desymbolize them.


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How would you do the script?

I did think about just converting to lines. Yes that would work, but it was more of a curious as to how one would select a certain type of symbol and if that is possible.

I prefer to not desymbolize anything, because well that kind of defeats the point of the symbol, but it was an option I thought about.

More just curious on how to actually achieve that selection than anything else.


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It will select only 2D symbols on the current layer

I think that's technically not true. It selects all 2D symbols in the entire drawing, regardless of layer.

The OIP only shows 2D symbols on the active layer - or other visible layers if layer options are set to Show/Snap/Modify Others.


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