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What render program do you use with VW?

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I've finally joined the 21st Century and upgraded my ancient copy of VW10.5 to the latest 2014 edition. This now raises the question of what render program to use.

I work as an Exhibition and Display designer so ideally I'd like to hear from those working in the same field if possible.

I should point out I've been using Artlantis, an equally old version with VW10.5, so now's the time to decide to stay with Artlantis or switch to Renderworks.

It's a decision I need to make but it's not one that will only effect just my work.

I have a client whom I'm contracted to work three days a week for. Having tried to use their copy of Solidworks and find it so unfriendly and hard to achieve results in good time they've kindly agreed to switch to VW. I need to present them with a rendering solution that will allow them to find a replacement candidate once I retire in a short few years time.

So I'm trying to gauge, putting aside the quality of output etc. which solution will yield them the greatest number of potential candidates when it comes time for me to hang up my Exhibition Stand Designers hat.



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Hi I to work in the field of exhibition design and use vw 14 with artlantis 5 I do use renderworks for some parts of my work but find having to do a pre render time consuming although I have to say the results are great. The one drawback I find with rw is that I use a whole lot of 3ds files but with artlantis it brings them in fine and of course you can save them as aof files so you can drag and drop into your artlantis scenes another thing I find time consuming is using decals it's not easy to use these features in vw but with artlantis you can drag them onto a surface. I get some great results from artlantis great and easy to use material library's but as I said I do use vw/rw for some items. I have been told that exporting to cinema 4d from vw brings fantastic results but it's a steep learning Kerb and it's time I don't have....I would suggest if budget allows to buy vw architect/renderworks and also artlantis and mix and match the 2.....trusting this May help but if you need to discuss further drop me a line.......

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The above two posts represent the most common workflows I see from users.

Usually it is Renderworks + C4D in various combinations (You pretty much need Renderworks in order to send to/export to C4D properly, since otherwise you have to redo your textures from scratch each time you export), or Artlantis.

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Thank you to those who have taken the time to reply.

I'm afraid Cinema 4D isn't an option. The company I work for has agreed the change to VW and the render program of choice providing it can be purchased for ?2,000.

I have to say I'm also reluctant to purchase what is now a very expensive C4D.

I did buy Cinema 4D back in the early 2000's, purchasing version 8.5 and Bodypaint but I found the time it was taking and the pressure of client deadlines had me reverting back to the easy to use Artlantis 4.5 although it did have some issues on stability, file corruption on updating from VW.

Whilst I readily accept the output would have been better in C4D I didn't have any clients complain about the quality of my visuals, the opposite in fact, so I remained using Artlantis.

Thank you Phil for your offer, I may indeed be in touch.

Anybody else wishing to comment please do so, but its really a choice between Artlantis or Renderworks that I'm trying to decide upon.

Thanks again.


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I would do all my rendering using renderworks if the import of 3ds models were easier to work with and that you could create a master library of all model components that I could import from ....I guess the only other thing that would be great is real time rendering to show what happens when you add a light or a texture in say fast renderworks, I know you can do this in open gl but not to such good effect.....you are right that in my opinion artlantis is still the quickest and easiest to learn render program and the results are still superb and shows the client what he needs to see after all in the world of exhibition design the clients in the uk never want top pay for any design work prior to winning the pitch and half the time don't want pay for any changes whilst the job is in progress, I guess they all think that the press of a few buttons on a computer and hey presto you have a design.....if only they new

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