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Rectangle loses its fill when I extrude it

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I have several rectangles on my floor plan which represent stone columns. I gave them a solid fill so that they would look solid on the floor plan, but when I extrude them, they lose their fill. If I edit the extrude, the original object still has its fill, but it disappears again when I exit the editing mode.

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Yes. 3D solids appear in wireframe in Top/Plan.

You can either:

1. use Create Auto Hybrid. Depending on your column, you may need to change the Cut Plane Elevation

2. Run the Pillar? command on your rectangle. This will give it a 2D representation as well as 3D.

3. Create a hybrid symbol.



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yeah, this is an annoyance that i encounter frequently and am dealing with right now (but never get around to listing it as a wish). but, i do wish that 3d solids appeared solid in top/plan, using the same fill and line as their class. i get tired of taken extra steps as michael is describing. in the mean time i find the auto hybrid best, but sometimes make floors, or sometime simply draw a rectangle over the extrude. but, i wish i didn't have to do this.

thanks, julie, for reminding me to come on here and say that.


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