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Can you record looks/queues like a lightboard?

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It's getting tiresome to click on and off different combinations of lights via the Visualization pallet each time I want to view a different look (warm back lights + cool stage-right lights, etc.). Is there a way to save these combinations of on/off statuses so I can toggle thru them quickly, like one can on a lightboard by recording and toggling thru queues?

If not, is there an animation plugin compatible with Vectorworks Spotlight? If I can keyframe just the on/off status of each light, then I could record each queue on a different frame in the timeline, and use forward-frame back-frame commands to toggle thru them.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have the lights configured that way. It helps me turn on/off the big categories quickly.

The downside is there are lots of combinations of smaller categories of lights I'd like to save as a queues/looks, depending on the scene. I can theoretically make a separate class (or layer) for every queue/look I want, and duplicate the lights that are used in multiple queues/looks, because then if I decide to adjust the position of one light, I'd have to adjust it for every class that same light is used in.

Basically, a plugin to simulate a lightboard would be awesome.

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This sounds like a wish list item to me.

We have a field for how many control channels/parameters a fixture needs. So we would need to form a database with each parameter per cue. A nice interface for selecting color, aiming, gobo, beam, etc. and of course brightness and we are set.

Of course dedicated software like ESP Vision, Capture Sweden, WYSIWYG do all that and more. They are lousy as CAD though.

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