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Tom Klaber

Scheduling When Plans are Broken Up

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I am working with a client who wants to start using auto-generated door and window schedules. The issue with the workflow is that they break their plans into different files, by floor, so that they can be worked on by different people at the same time.

Is it possible to construct a comprehensive door schedule that is pulling information from several different files? Does this interrupt the schedules ability to push information back to the plans? Is there best practice workflow for this?

I assume it can be done by creating a single file that references in all the plans and then generates the schedule, but it seems that the schedule would lose the ability push information. Is there a way to generate local floor by floor schedules and then combine them into a master schedule in another file?

Thanks for your help!



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Design Layer Viewports that reference information from other files should still be seen by a Worksheet and call in the data its searching for.

In theory you should be able to create a blank file, reference in all the different floor layers, then generate your schedule from that file.

I created something similar to automatically generate a Drawing List from multiple external files. Here I use a referenced symbol from each file to bring the data that gets found by my Drawing List worksheet.

I'm not using the VW method for generating schedules directly from the door and window PIO's so I can't speak to that directly.


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I've been using Joe's method as well as using it in a layer referencing situation as well. Both work to populate the schedule but you're right Tom, you can't push the information from the schedule to the objects. The work around we've come up with for this is to have the same schedule across the multiple files so that we can open them and push information that way. And that's only because it's easier to edit some of the information from the schedule as opposed to the OIP.

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I will play around with it.

I think I am going to suggest that a local version of the worksheet exists in the plans file, but then have a schedule file that aggregates the data.

- Really this points to the more pressing issue that we need a better work sharing system.

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