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Roof Ridge Mitre Settings!!!



I've hit a upon this several times now and there are actually no workarounds for this! (Except for going all out 3D of course.)

I would like to see the introduction of settings for the roof ridge mitre in the Roof Faces objects similar to those we have for Eaves and Holes in Roof Faces/Roof Objects.

Especially now that environmental demands are calling for thicker roofs this problem is become more and more of an issue.

As you can see in the attached image joining 2 roof faces with different angles the mitre is problematic and basically cannot be solved......at least not that I have found. Even when creating the roof in a more realistic fashion i.e.. splitting it up into several components etc marginally help but the problem remains albeit at a smaller scale.

We do quite a lot of Mansard roofs (90% of existing historic buildings have Mansard roofs in this region) and this is where I get the problem however there are other situations too.


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