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help with roof modeling

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Hi there.

Thanks for the help in advance.

I am here to ask for help with 2 roofs.

1? this roof is for a restaurant and i need to make it rotate in the blue axis into the red arrow direction. I used extrude to bring it up but now i am stuck and dunno if it was the best choice. How can i make the walls fit the roof in the end is a question too.



2? Is the roof for a bungalow, it will look almost like a hobbit house, with green roof over it entering the ground.. how can i model the roof to appear that way (round and wit the walls fitting it) so that in the end i can make it appear as if it comes from the ground? ( i will have around 10 houses in a row like that one so it will look interesting)


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Guest Wes Gardner

Hi Tiago,

If I'm understanding you correctly, you DID do the right thing by using extrudes and furthermore the "Fit Walls to Objects" command should fit your walls to the underside of your "roof"(extruded element)

If you place your roof on its own layer, that's an almost "sure fire" method to get it to work.


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Hi Tiago,

Is roof 1 a shed roof, i.e. single pitch? if so go to a side view and use the rotate tool to rotate it to the correct pitch (make sure you are set to screen plane for this to work). Alternatively you can use the rotate 3d command to do the same thing., though it is abstract enough that I don't use it often.

Then as Wes said, go to your wall layer, select the walls you want to fit to the roof, and use the Fit walls to objects in the AEC menu.

If I were doing roof 2, I think I would model a hemispherical shell, then go to top/plan view and make an extrude of the eave line then use the boolean command to Intersect solids. The use the fit walls to objects again.



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I understand. So in that instance, I might be tempted to draw one, extrude it, rotate it and make a symbol out of it. then use the duplicate array tool to create the circular pattern. see attachment.



I am using vw 2010 so i can't open the file you sent :(

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Make sure you are choosing roof face and not roof.

Here is the file in 2010.



I worked perfectly thanks

after i went and used the roof face tool just to check what was happening and the problem was a few missed lines there. solved them and used the toll and now it is working. thanks

i am having other problem now though ( haven't tried the 2 roof yet, but i will try it soon) with the window curved wall.

when i use the fit to curved wall toll this happens



any idea of how to solve this?

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