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activate classes with keystrokes

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Pretty sure the answer is "no," but is there a way to change the active class using keystrokes? My workflow uses about 50 classes that I use for good visibility control when I make sheet layers of my 3D objects. I have to switch fairly often and scrolling through the menu is a bit laborious. I'd love a shortcut that opened class drop-down, then I could type the first few letters of the desired class.

Any magic work-arounds?

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Not quite:

Shift-Command-O will open the organization box to the tab that was last used.

Then you can type the first letter of the class you want and it will jump to the first class that starts with that letter. Unfortunately there is no "Make Active" button. Good idea for a wish list item.

You can use Command-Right Arrow and Command-Left Arrow to change the active class. It indexes one class up or down the class list.



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