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Orientation of building versus orientation of site model


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What is the best way to show a building on a site model when the building is not oriented due south? I have a building which will be oriented to the southeast. I have it drawn as though it faces due south because its easier to put in the walls, etc that way. My site model is drawn with south being at the bottom of the page. Do I have to rotate my entire site model so that it's in the correct alignment with my building as I've drawn it, or is there some way to show some layers rotated relative to others? I want my site plan to be oriented with south at the bottom of the sheet.

I'm using Vectorworks 2014 SP3 and OSX 10.9.2

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Choose plan rotation option, the green/red arrow next to view option box. choose a straight section of your building, in your case I'll choose southeast fa?ade. First click sets the anchor point for rotation, second click brings the angle to horizontal. Draw everything just like normal. you can even use working plan for your front, back, left, right elevation. Switch back to true angle whenever you ready.

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You could leave your drawing the way you've drawn it and then do what we used to do in the days when we drew by hand. Have a north arrow that shows true north and project north. Project north allowed us to orient the drawing so that the building was square to the drawing sheet and not at an angle.

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I subscribe to Dieter's method. For a rectilinear floor plan I would always orient square to the page for ease of layout for every other aspect of the drawing set. I would orient the Site with North up or whatever orientation makes sense for that particular site. I would then rotate the view port of the building onto the site plan and move it in to place.

Often times we develop the site model including the additions of roads, walks, drives, retaining walls, trees, etc. in a completely separate file and then DLVP the building into that file for the creation of not only the 2d site plan sheets but 3d presentations that include the site development. Rotating the DLVP in that file is a minor extra step.

Using multiple files allows multiple users to work a the same time as well as keeping some of the file size down and simplifying some of the information management. This approach has some merit even if one person is doing all the work.


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On 4/26/2014 at 10:54 AM, Dieter @ DWorks said:

You can use a design layer viewport to show your building model on your site rotated and moved where it should be. That's the easiest way to do it if you already have drawn it.

Do you still set up your models this way in 2019, or is there a more streamlined method?

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It seems like there should be an integrated way to manage this. Perhaps a future feature could include a "site orientation tool" which would retain all of the information of the survey coordinates etc. without the need for an overlaid DLVP.

Then when placing coordinates on the drawing you could select "site coordinates" or "building coordinates".

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