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Is there a Help guide to use VectorWorks Help ... ?

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Assisted a novice recently with VW / RW - pointed them to the VW Help and realized that it continues to be far from helpful in the search box ... unless you type in an accurate text string.

Is there a Help guide to use VectorWorks Help ... ?

If, as was the example, you type in Call outs or Call-Out or Call-Outs vs Callouts ... you do NOT get any help. There appears to be little forgiveness in the search function. In fact, it was easier to use Google and find VW / RW information faster.

It also appears quite functionless to type in Call outs (erroneous or not) and get Cut-outs ? - We eventually found what we were looking for by jumping back and forth - in and out of VW / RW and checking what things were called.

Another faux pas was an attempt at printing the topic out. We ended up without some of the pages as listed ... but got such left field nonsense as "Customizing Photometric Threshold Colors" - Seating Layout Specifications - Plant ID Codes"

Whats that foolishness about ?

We then though that an alternate would be to Print the Help to a PDF ... and search in Acrobat. A dialog stated that several sections Could NOT be printed (with out an explanation) - Clicked continue and part way in it crashed VW

Help ? is to often No Help!

... Peter

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