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custom units per dimension

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Hello to all,

Is there anyway to control the unit display of a dimension on a case by case or custom dimension standard basis? Often times, within the same file, I would like to set the dimension of a larger object to "Feet & Inches" and a smaller object to just "Inches". Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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You can sort of get this with Dual Dimension and in each case display only the one you want. It's in the OIP, Dimension Standard fly out menu. When either of the dual modes is enabled, the OIP Text area adds a field for Dual View (Both, Primary or Secondary). OIP also adds buttons for setting Prim & Sec precision.

Control of units for individual dims is oft wished for. Add your voice to this issue by posting a wish in the Wish List forum.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, this can be accomplished with Dual Dimensions, which is managed within a custom dimension standard.

Take a look at:


as well as:


If it still isn't clear, let me know and I can detail it further.

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