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OpenGL not working on some objects

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Hi All,

See Picture attached.

I can't figure out why the truss and pipe in this drawing won't show correctly in OpenGL. The other object (box) is fine but all my truss and piping is affected.

It is the same for all render modes actually.

I have pasted these objects into a new blank drawing to be sure and the result is still the same.

Maybe I am missing something simple???

Any help appreciated.

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It looks like the pipes have a texture which is not rendering or they have no fill.

Look at your View>Rendering>OpenGL Options. The "Use Textures" may be disabled (default). Enable by checkmarking the box for Use Textures.

If no render, try entering the symbol edit mode, 3d objects, select pipe objects and apply a fill. Or, better, find the class for the pipes, and edit the class to have a fill color and near bottom of Class dialog look in the OTHER texture tab and see if a texture is set properly. Pipe objects in the symbol should have all attributes by class.

Or maybe it's something else entirely.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It is most likely as Benson says, above. (Trust in The Benson!)

However it may also be, if they are extrudes, that you need to edit the profile of the extrude and make sure that source object is a closed and filled poly as well. If it isn't closed or has no fill, it can cause that effect when extruded.

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