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Why did it take so long? - A simple pizza oven

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Its really a great VIdeo.

Its a nice example how an "simple idea" causes a whole lot of research

and a lot of initial training to figure out how to realize the "simple idea".

I had recently the chance to meet some Italien people who work in the construction of pizzaofens and also built them.

It's a piece of Art when you look at it, and a lot of experience is needed to also make

it Function that the Pizza comes out as a piece of food-art as well.

From that point I think the 43 hours you spent are not a that much.

And while I was typing this I found that in the www and couldn't resist posting it here:


all the Plans for 12,90?


have fun and a get a tasty pizza


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I wondered about that, too, Bob. Turns out these fireboxes are cast in one piece with refractory materials rather than portland cement. There are some start up and break in procedures.

Funny story. I was waiting at a traffic light. Next to me was a pickup truck with pizza logo. When the light changed, the pizza truck went ahead, revealing a trailer in tow. The trailer was fitted out with a wood burning pizza oven, open at eye level. I could see a pile of live, glowing coals in the cook chamber! No door or grating over the opening.

Thanks, DM for another great video.


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