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Missing Texture Associations


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Periodically, I open a drawing and all the texture associations are gone. The textures are still in the resource browser but the objects do not have textures assigned to them anymore.

Luckily I autosave every 10 minutes so I can reload a previous version. Otherwise it would take hours to re-assign.

Does anyone know why this might happen?

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I got to the bottom of this with the help of the guys at VW. It is a bug in 2014. If you change the texture of a class, it will ask you if you want to change the texture of all the objects in that class. If you select yes, it will correctly assign the texture to all the objects in that class but all other objects in your drawing will default to their object attribute color. If you look at the texture assignment of all those other objects, it will say "None".

Before I discovered this, luckily I was not only backing up every 10 minutes, I would also save a completely new version of the file each day or two. So it was easy to go back to a good file. So everyone save and backup often!

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