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Speedup section viewport by rendering in wireframe or other ?

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I produce quite a few 3d setting out room drawings which i then take multiple section viewports from as well as a 2d plan.

When editing these models i can pan and orbit the drawings in the design layer (in wireframe mode) as needed, this is really quick with no lag, but when i go to my sheet layer and have to update all my section viewports they take a while to update, the background render mode for them is hidden line and the foreground render is none.

Is there another render mode (or something else) that i can use to speed this up ?

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Good question, John.

I dunno. Maybe others know about this. Test one of yours and post back. A rendered file saves with a bigger size than the unrendered version, but if you have some things rendered anyway, the cached renders might not change the file size very much. Initial loading comparison with a stop watch could be informative.

Another thing is to check that your VPs are showing only the necessary layers and classes. Additional layers or classes may have objects out of the crop = extra rendering effort.


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