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Edit path directly on doubleclicking the 2dpath object


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I've got a custom 2dpath object in SDK.

I want to edit the path directly when doubleclicking.

According to what I can find, this is what should make it work:

EObjectEvent CObjThePoly2D_EventSink::OnInitXProperties(CodeRefID objectID)
// obtain the interfact for accessing the extended properties
using namespace VectorWorks::Extension;
VCOMPtr	extProps( IID_ExtendedProps );
extProps->SetObjectPropertyChar( objectID, kObjXPropSupportProxyObjects, true);

gSDK->SetObjectPropertyChar(objectID, kObjXPropEditGroup, kEditGroupPath);

return kObjectEventNoErr;

it doesn't, and using any other option kEditGroupProfile, kEditGroupPath, kEditGroupCustom has no other result.

When doubleclicking the path, I see a polyline. When doubleclicking that again I can finaly edit the path..



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Answer provided by the sdk mailinglist:

extProps->SetObjectProperty(objectID, kObjXPropSpecialEdit, Sint8(kSpecialEditReshape));
extProps->SetObjectProperty(objectID, kObjXIs2DSurfaceEligable, true);
extProps->SetObjectProperty(objectID, kObjXPropEditGroup, Sint8(kEditGroupCustom));

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