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redesigning lighting instrumments is royaly ****d. NEED HELP!

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I designed a lighting symbol in a separate document that behaves exactly as I want and renders correctly when turned on. I imported it into my theater document and spent hours placing and focussing them, only to realize they DO NOT RENDER WHEN TURNED ON (via the resource browser or via edit light).

Why do VectorWorks lighting symbols do this??? I have 2 files to send to anyone willing to inspect this. One is the lights WORKING, and one is a blank document with the exact same lighting symbols copied and pasted but no lights rendering, even though they have all the data filled in for photometric properties and are turned on.


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This is bizarre and perplexing: I saved the theater versions just before and after I imported the symbol. After importing the symbol it ALTERED the shadow casting properties of THREE separate instrument textures to thwart them all. I don't know how THAT happened. I didn't even touch a texture edit pallet until after I read your suggestion. That detail you caught just saved me the previous day's work.

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That's the puzzling thing: The textures from both the source and the destination were non-shaddow-casting. So I don't know where the alteration happened or how.

And just today I made a miniscule geometric alteration to the symbol for the body, and now the instruments refuse to show the body or the light beam all together, even thought it shows them in wireframe and the correct texture is assigned ... go figure.

I'll post that as a new topic if the problem persists.

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