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Title Block: Right Click to Edit Symbol

Andy Broomell


It would great if you could right-click a Sheet Border / Title Block and in the contextual menu have the option to edit the Symbol that's being used as the Title Block. (Or at the very least "Locate Symbol in Resource Browser.")

It would be similar to the current functionality when you right-click a Symbol. Right now to edit a Title Block Symbol you have to manually find it in the Resource Browser. More than once within each project I find myself wanting to adjust things other than the content of my Record Fields, and this would be a seemingly easy improvement to speed things up a little bit.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Would you think the best solution to handle sheet layers that have multiple title blocks (they normally would not, but often users do this for various unusual reasons) just to have it pop up a quick intermediary dialogue letting you select which title block should be edited?

Something like:

1) Right click sheet layer in nav palette/organization dialogue

2) Select "Edit Title Block"

3) dialogue: "More than one title block exists on 'SHEETLAYERNAME', please select title block to edit:"

4) Select desired block and click OK

5) Edit Title Block or Edit Source Symbol?

6) Taken right to either the Edit Title Block dialogue or the Edit Symbol UI for the title blocks source symbol


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In general I think the interface should be consistent with existing approaches so -

- if you right click on a title block in context on a sheet it should show an appropriate list like if you right click on a sheet layer viewport (ie. Edit (brings up a dialog and allows you to set double click default), Edit Title Block, Edit Symbol, Change Symbol).

- if you follow your workflow above wouldn't it just be added as buttons to the existing Edit dialog? I don't think there should be any more warning than there is now if you edit multiple sheets. VW already has way too many warnings. So just add buttons for Edit Title Block Data and Change Title Block Symbol. I personally don't think you should be able to edit the symbol here myself, but you could add a button for that too.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You're right, adding them as more options to the contextual menu makes more sense.

Where should these contextual items appear? I know "anywhere you can right click on it" is the obvious answer but in these requests it helps if I specify.

1) When right clicking on a sheet layer in:

Navigation Palette

Organization dialogue

2) When right clicking on a Sheet Border -(Currently it has a "Title Block" option, but this only lets you select one, not edit the data or the source symbol.)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For the source symbol editing that would work, but if it went directly to the symbol editing UI from the right click contextual menu it would save some clicks. However I think another wanted ability is a shorter route to the Edit Title Block dialogue as well.

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