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detail viewport reference visibility ?

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Is there a trick to getting the detail viewport reference to show up in the plan viewport?

I have a1/8" floor plan, in a viewport, on a sheet. follow instructions from nna to setup a 1/4" plan enlargement using detail viewport tool. enlargement goes to the sheet I assigned it to, all works so far. rounded rectangle shape used to make detail viewport appears correctly on design layer of plan. Does not appear in floor plan viewport. Ideas? class and layer of detail reference are turned on in 1/8" plan viewport. I thought the reference shape and detail bubble were supposed to show up on annotations layer of 1/8" viewport.

what am I missing?

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This is controllable with Section viewports via "Section Line instances" in the viewports OIP, I had thought there was something similar for Detail Callouts, but apparently not.

If a request for similar control hasn't been placed, I will submit the request now.

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Thanks for the input. I finally figured it out. Detail viewport tool works if it is created in the annotations layer of said 1/8" floor plan. Not sure this is clear in the video tech tip.

What blows is you cannot reshape the detail reference shape (in this case, the classic rounded rectangle) once you make it into a detail viewport. Double click on it, the typical modify polyline tool is invoked, you just don't get any grip handles to change anything. if you need to modify the extents or change its shape, too bad you have to start over.


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Not my experience. I can adjust either the crop object or the detail marker and they sync.

Are you sure you have interactive scaling on?

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^ Agreed, sounds like the Selection Tool is set to the first mode, which won't give you any selection handles.

If that isn't the case, do you have the same inability to reshape with other shapes as well? Rectangles, polygons, circles, etc?

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