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DXF Import error 172?


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Don't know where to ask this so Here it is.

I'm trying to import an R14 file. We have followed all the instructions listed here and in help but I keep getting this message - "OpenDWG Library Error 172 Internal Error"

any ideas? Before updating to 9.5.3 we didn't have any problems.

The files would open no problemo.

PB G3 500mhz 256 ram 0s 9.2.2 VW 9.5.3

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We've tried a bunch of scenarios. My buddy is using R14, drawing a 20' x 20' square and sending me the file, uncompressed. I still get the same message. Do you have any idea what might be causing the internal error? I've received loads of drawings from himin the past and now it just don't work.


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