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Metallic Shader problem

Horst M.

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I ran into a problem with the Metalic shaders.

When I create a texture ( in a blank new FIle) and select Metallic brushed in the in the refelctivity channnel

and apply it to a simple extrude all the options like Scale and Rotation in the OIP are greyd out.

I f i select just melallic the reflectivity Channel all the options in the OIP are available for changes

Is there any reason besides bug for that?

Regards Horst

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Horst:

The 2D mapping controls are grayed out because they will not have any effect on this shader, because it is 3D only. Other textures like image-based ones will respond to the 2D offset, scale, and rotation controls so those are enabled for textures that will show a difference for different values.

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