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attributes dialog = crash


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Hello, I've been having this problem since day 1 of using VW on my Win2000 machine. If I open an existing drawing and pick the "solid pen color" on the Attributes dialog box, the program immediately crashes with a runtime error. This does not happen with a new drawing, and I can work around it by opening a new drawing, picking the color option, then switching to the old drawing. But I'm tired of doing so, and sometimes I forget, so I lose all the work I've done to that point. My Win installation and device drivers are all up to date and the machine has plenty of memory. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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While I've got your attention, maybe you can help me with another bug. I have a lot of fonts installed in Windows. When I go to the font dialog, they fill the whole screen, and I can't scroll to the right to access the ones there! As a short term solution I had to uninstall the fonts I don't use often, but I'd like to put them back, and this seems like a really stupid bug.

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I have the same problem, seems to only occur when opening an existing drawing. Workaround (found here on the boards): before opening an existing drawing, start VW with a NEW drawing (not from a template). Immediately change pen color. You can then open an existing drawing. This solves it for me. Biggest bummer is not being able to launch VW from the document itself.


My config:

VW Spotlight 9.5.2

AMD 1800+XP processor

640MB Ram

Win XP Pro

ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500 (current drivers).

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For the problem with not being able to access all your fonts when you have a large number of fonts on your system, there is a Format Text menu command in VW 10 which brings up a dialog that has a list of all the fonts, and you can access them all. Like the font menu, this sets the defaults if no text is selected, and it sets selected text objects if text objects are selected.

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