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Hi, been a while since I visited the forum due to an unexpected move to London and work with a new practice. The practice almost exclusively use Vectorworks 2D and I'm still having to learn a lot to keep up with the pace of doing things.

One thing I'm being slowed down by are the callouts which they produce with a polyline and simple text block, which can mean a lot of fussing around connecting and aligning the two. The callout tool would solve my problem here but I can't seem to change the font within my callout text. I am required to use one text for notes and another within the same callout to highlight specification codes. I can't seem to edit the font within the callout? Is this why they don't use the callout tool. If so that seems like a huge omission?

Also, I'd like to start using the keynote database linked to my callouts, any good, free resources that explain how to use this well, especially linked to UK data?

Thanks again for your time and assistance!

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Callout Text is set using the Text Menu. New Callouts will use the currently selected Font/Size/Etc. To modify an existing Callout, Select it, then use the Text Menu items. It will change like any other Text in VW's.

As for your other questions, perhaps some who uses Callouts more than I do will jump in and answer?

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I thought it would be that simple. It changes in the callout as you suggest, then when I click okay from the callout text box it looses any font changes made and just reverts to plain text? I can change all the callout text but cannot highlight a word or two and make those different to the rest.

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I use Call Out and keynotes, they are very useful indeed and of course are a key part in BIM, but would agree that they can be frustrating to control. I need to spend some time looking more into how keynotes and the data base function work, at the moment if I set up new keynotes on a new viewport the text appears as the default font and text height, I guess there must be a way of customising the default option.

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On the theme of Call Outs ... Is there a way to auto size their text width ? (ie: to fit the text) - We used them as "text" only to annotate designs. When the Call Out is part of a group or Symbol and that Group or Symbol is rotated, the Call Out changes the text to an unacceptable length. Small. This often turns the Call Out text into a long tall line of characters. ( I assume it is NOT a desired feature?)

In addition to that, copy and paste Call Outs from one drawing to the next and the line / arrow head style changes. As we use them without the leader line and arrow head this is an annoyance. (Another NON feature?) we have come up with some work arounds but they make the process quite tedious. Peter

Suggestions ?

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