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Basic tool bar missing.

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Hi all,

my basic tool bar is missing so when i try and go to window - palette and click the basic tool bar it just wont load or the tool sets, all the other load but just not these. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but the program is not even located in the control panel but i can still work with vectorworks without these palette's? Weird

vectorworks 2012


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  • 7 years later...

Hey, same problem! Basic tool set has just gone away. Poof. I had even saved my palette positions and everything. It's taking a break,

which means VW is now a worthless tool. (Like me...) I attempted File - Workspaces, but Workspaces doesn't show up under File. Hmm...

Are the lengthier instructions above going to fix this?


I have also been wondering why/when VW decided that Attributes, Object Info, and Navigation changed so I now have to hover over

them to get the information or change dimensions. Annoying. Is this a setting I can change?

Many thanks. 

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1.  Window menu->Palettes->Basic (should have a checkmark.  It's near the bottom in my Workspace)


2. Tools menu->Workspaces-> Edit Current Workspace


3. As far as I know, saving palette positions doesn't do anything other than restoring locations after a crash.  There is no related "put palettes back to saved position" command.

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