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how to enter the Z value for a group

seth wilson

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My colleague made a bunch of groups of tables and chairs that are not on the ground.

When I select an individual object that is floating I can enter 0 into the Z value in the Object Info panel.

But when its a group, I don't see a place to manually enter the Z value.

I have been able to move the groups with the mouse but that takes too long and I don't know if the bottoms are exactly at 0.

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The only way I have been able to do this is to ungroup everything and then select all the objects. Then you can enter a global Z value for everything selected and enter 0.

New question

If there's a bunch of duplicated groups, how can I edit one group and make the rest of them get the same edit?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You would have to use symbols instead of groups. If you select all the geometry, then use Modify > Create Symbol, you can then replicate that symbol across the entire document many times, then edit the source symbol in the resource browser and the changes will be made to all instances of that symbol.

You MAY be able to create the symbol, then select all of those groups and use Modify > Convert > Replace with Symbol, which could possibly save you some time if you've already placed all the groups.

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If you have many groups to move, in Plan view extrude a large rectangle. Set the thickness of this extrude to "Zero" - Then lock this extruded rectangle. In the front ortho view, select the groups that are floating above the ground and also the locked rectangle. Use the Align Command to align "bottoms". All the groups should now be "on the ground". This should also happen with a Locus for the ground reference.

You may find a single locus harder to select than a large extruded rectangle.

Note that there is also an Align 3D if it is easier to select the floating groups in a 3D view. Align the Z to Minimum. You should quickly have the same result.

(This does assume that the items in the group are all at the same "z" to begin with)


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