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how do you make ALL screen plane objects invisible in 3d

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I'm working with a file. The author has screen plane objects in every layer and class that interfere with my ability to view and manipulate the 3d model. These objects pop into and out of visibility arbitrarily as I zoom in and out. Any time I try to click anything in 3d space, a veritable army of invisible specs interposes itself in the space. When I return to Top/Plan view, I see the damage that's been done: segments moved around and parts deleted, all done INVISIBLY on the screen plane while I tried to work in 3d.

Is there a way to forcibly turn the Screen Plane OFF so I ONLY view/interact with the Layer Plane?

(There's a possibility the program may be glitching on me. Even the 2d/3d light symbols have their 2d symbols following me on my screen when I pan in 3d.)

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