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graying layers in viewports?

Amelia S

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I am working on a guest house. I have modeled the existing home and the guest house, on separate layers. In the viewports, both plan and elevation, I would like to make the existing home show up as gray. I use class overrides all the time, but the layer overrides don't seem to work the same way. ThankS!


VW 2013

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Try this:

Select the VP and in the Layers button dialog, set the Existing House layer to gray. In the OIP, scroll down to Advanced Properties and checkmark the Render Gray Layers Transparent box.

It works better with Renderworks modes than OGL.

Post back if you have some other effect in mind.


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Thank you for the reply!

The only render mode I'm trying to use (sorry, I meant to mention this) is hidden line. The problem with the "render gray layers transparent" method in hidden line applications is that the transparency allows things that would be hidden (wall components for example) to show through.

Are there any other ways to do this in VW without reverting to 2D drawing??

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Confirmed here too. In Hidden Line, i can gray classes in the viewports OIP and they gray the hidden line components in the grayed classes.

If I attempt to gray layers, then in Hidden Line the objects simply disappear, rather than graying as expected. Enabling "Project Screen Objects" on the viewport allows the objects to appear, but as you say, they are hollow wireframe, so you can see the geometry behind them rather than the expected HL appearance.

I'll test this a bit more to make sure I'm not missing something, but it looks like an issue that I'll need to submit.

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Hey again,

I am using grayed layers to show a little site context in a second floor plan. I seem to remember seeing something where you could adjust the gray level for gray layers (mine is currently pretty close to black). Am I making this up? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!!


VW 2014

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