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best video card for 2014 architect with renderworks

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I thought I had a good video card, I researched all of the recommended & min requirements before purchasing this one I have. But now with 2014 VW Arch & RenderWorks, everytime I apply any texture to a file with a single 3d object it really slows down my computer &/or puts it in a stall & sometimes locks it up & have to force close the program. I now have the money to upgrade if I need to & if I do I want to max the card out in every way I can that helps VW from stalling.

Thanks for any advice!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

That card should be more than adequate, however, what graphics driver do you currently have installed? Anything from 2012 or before will cause similar problems in OpenGL in Vectorworks:


This looks like the latest for that card:


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I currently have the driver version dated 10-23-13

& when I let the computer search for an update its says I have the current one, but your link seems like a different driver all together. I may need to try this one & see if its any better.

Thanks for the info!

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Would having the software on a solid state drive & the drawing file on a regular hard drive have something to do with performance ?

I'm willing to upgrad to a new bigger NVIDIA Quadro graphics card if thats what I need to keep the program from locking up, unless its the program not working correctly. Any suggestions?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

An SSD should not affect anything other than the load/save times for the file.

It should still have a driver from this year, I'm surprised that registers as you having the latest driver. Sometimes you need a customized one from the manufacturer.

However, to be sure, please send me a file where you are getting the massive slowdowns and I will confirm its not just something in the file/application itself.

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Thanks for your help Jim!

Attached is the latest file that I am practicing with 3d solid objects. I have just noticed that in OpenGL I can apply a texture with out stalling VW. But when I select Fast RenderWorks, it stalls my computer, all of the pallets turn white, then when everything comes back I still have no control, when double clicking on a tool, the pallets go white again & VW says Not Responding. If this is the software not working correctly, I understand, but if it is my computer not powerful enough, I would upgrade my video card.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

That wont be graphics driver related most likely then. Also, when I open the file I don't get the issues you are seeing.

Email tech@vectorworks.net (attn Jim) with the following and we can go from there:



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