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what causes runtime erros

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win2k VWA10

I often get runtime errors editing roofs. I simply haven't got the time to try and reproduce the bug, but I am interested in what a runtime error is.

Is it caused by a conflict with VW and a device driver?

Is it code not ported properly from MAC OS?

What else?

Any insights would be appreciated.

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Run Time errors can be caused by a handful of things. It's basically a generic error message when the computer isn't able to compute the action be requested.

Often times if you get it while editing a roof, the roof element is too complex to compute.

If you have a u shape in a roof such as a rectangle shapped out with two kick outs leaving a "u" in the center - sometimes based on the pitch and overhang, the program or computer can't calculate the correct setting at the two 90d corners and gets confused. The result is a run time error.

If you would like me to take a look at the roof you are attempting to create with your preferred settings, you can send it in to me at tech@nemetschek.net and I'll take a look at it. I'll pass it on to the engineer if need be.

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Sometimes you can't tell when one is impending because it is within a driver or the OS. We are always on the lookout for potential divide by zero errors or a potential reference to memory that does not exist (a null pointer reference) since these cause the application to crash. We have checks in the code for these things and continue to put more in.

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