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Rendering 3D Polygon shape mishap

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Good day All

I sit with a VW Rendering dilemma

I created a Skin for a roof Cantilever using the 3D Polygon Tool

When I Render in OpenGL it looks Correct

When I render in Final Quality it has changed the solid faces of the shape.

How do I rectify this?

Any advice or suggestion are Welcome

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It should not be behaving that way, sent a sample where that is happening to tech@vectorworks.net and I will submit it.

However, you may be able to get around it in the meantime by using the Shell Solid tool on it, and giving it a thickness (it can be something tiny like .0001") then see if the geometry renders as expected.

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Is this a single non-planar 3D polygon? It is possible to reshape mesh faces and 3D polygons until they are totally not planar anymore and this can cause rendering results like the one you show.

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Good day Guys

I did a work around by making flat faces with the 3D Polygon tool

This gave me 8 seperate polygons.

This I then joined by converting to a mesh.

PS This was done with my 2013 version

Not using 2014 till it is sorted.

Thank guys

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