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Is there a reason why i can only select the outline of a shape and not the fill area? I've copied a bunch of shapes from one drawing (working normally) to reproduce in another but i can't manipulate these in the same way. Is there an explanation for this? I've looked through the prefs and found nothing.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This can happen if either the objects do not have a fill, or if you are viewing that file in a view other than Top/Plan. Make sure that your objects have a fill set in the attributes palette and that you don't have Top or another 3D view selected in the View > Standard Views menu.

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All hatched and 2d in Top/Plan. Copied from another file working fine. And since copied to another file ok.

Should also point out there are six objects on their own class with different hatch fills, one of the objects is behaving normally the other 5 are doing this.

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I have had repeated problems with selecting items - copied from another drawing and pasted into a different one. The Items are visible, but the classes are not set correctly. Because of class complexity in the object of because the classes are off.

Turn on ALL the classes and this is what I typically find as the solution.

Again, the items are visible, and may even be selectable by the Polygon method, but not with the cursor.

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