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Board and Batten texture


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Hi Julie, if you have Renderworks, look in the Resource Browser for a file called Textures Exterior Finishes. There are a few B & B Textures in there.

To make you own is fairly straight forward. First model the B & B, then Export an Image File (being careful where the exact corners/edges are so that the future texture will Tile correctly. Then Use that Image to Create New Texture (via the Resource Browser).

Also, it's very helpful if you create profile which lists your OS and VW's versions...

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I am a little disappointed in the options for adding texture/hatch/pattern to exterior elevations too.

I have modeled walls with "wood siding" exterior and in one elevation I was able to get it to show up. Although I'm sure it was completely accidental. Other elevations it will not. I've been playing with visiblilities and am getting no where.

I would just like to have some horizontal lines that simulate lap siding. I would like to dictate the exposure; 4",6", 7" 8", 10" 12" etc..

There is a pattern that has horizontal lines, very close together. But you cannot manipulate patterns.

You can manipulate hatches and tiles, but none are suitable for lap siding.

I am obviously overlooking something very basic?right?

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Sorry John i'll be more clear,

It is not an existing texture in any of the libraries, you can create it yourself like this:

1. Under Render Textures in the RB (Resource Browser) right click and choose New Render Texture in ......

2. In the dialog you choose Color in the roll down for color and choose the color you want your Boards to be. (make sure you set brightness to around 75% otherwise the colors will be unnaturally bright when rendering, generally very light colors and white should be set to 100% otherwise these will show unnaturally grey when rendering.)

Then set Bump and Size settings according to my screenshot above.

3. And save.

4. To create boards with different colors simply duplicate the texture in the RB and change the color setting and name and then save.

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