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Node Based Interface

Kevin McAllister


Its probably great for someone that VW added Python scripting in VW2014 but for the average user its no more accessible than Vectorscript. What we really need is something like the Grasshopper interface for Rhino. This would give the power back to the users. Need a PIO, just build it. Here's a great example of a parametric object generated in Rhino using Grasshopper -

Imagine what could be done in VW by the average user with an interface that's just as simple and powerful.


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Well, that's quite something, but i recall custom built symbols in VW being potentially as good as anything born of such a complete setup, just that the palettes could do with a tad of a cleanup. If EAP could pull an arc profile along a rectangle and be able to calculate the corners without tripping over it's bootlaces, i'd be content.

Rhino has admittedly taken it much further, but until such time as the creative element in VW's 3D tools are not "Fully" accessed, dreams of Rhinos' capacities are still some way off. As with any building, the foundations need sorting, you can't glue 20 floors on top of a bungalow.


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It may be cool and fun to play with, but I doubt there will be much use in the realm of single family residential design? I wonder if NV knows what percentage of their user base primarily do single family residential work? Hopefully they are putting in proportional tool development time for their current user base...

There is still a lot in the realm of residential design that needs work in VW. i'm still hoping to get some sort of prefab truss designs like the Mitek software does, also there are flat roofs slopped to drains (not the eng part just the design configuration).

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

They do indeed, which is actually why some features that seem to simple take so long to release. However, a full implementation of this system would benefit everyone. If you didn't like the Roof tool, you would be able to build your own effectively from scratch without having to learn to code and use it throughout all your designs in the future. You could make a parametric truss tool that fit your needs perfectly, then use it for years.

It basically separates your ability to get/make/use new plugins from our release schedule. The sharing of pre-built tools for extensive complex geometry is more an icing on the cake from a single family home design perspective.

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