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2014 Walkthrough strangeness or malfunction?

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I've been using VW since MiniCad so I am no dummy, but my current version 2014 has me stumped. When using the walkthrough tool while rendering in Open GL, the view that I have walked to, reverts back to the starting view whenever I release the mouse button. It doesn't do this in other render modes which are not fast enough to be useful in active walkthrough. It doesn't do this in wireframe, but then it is hard to tell where you are at times. Is there something I am missing? Or is this a bug?

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Ok, now I am feeling ignorant. Today, the walkthrough tool is working as I think it should: that when I move about and let go the mouse, the view should hold. If anybody has knowledge of why it should work sometimes and not others, that there is some control for the revert, I'd love to hear about it. I did some experimentation with the editing of the saved view settings which did not seem to affect the behavior.

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The behavior has cropped up again and I don't know why. Any help would be appreciated.

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I tested a simple 3d scene. Walkthrough behaved as expected. In OGL the view froze in place when the mouse button was released. Walkthrough consistently resumed or held in place as mouse was toggled.

I don't know that any of this would cause or affect the problem you are seeing but maybe worth a check?

Scene includes referenced objects or DLVPs needing update?

File is ported up from older version?

Corrupt objects are affecting performance?

Faulty mouse?

Need a system reboot?

Replace plist?

Other open software is conflicting?

Corrupt file?

Test walkthrough in a new blank file containing only a few new 3d objects. If problem shows up could be hardware or Vectorworks. Reinstall?

If all OK in the new file, might be corrupt object. Paste in half the objects from problem file & test again. If OK, paste in the other half and test. If OK, the orig file is likely corrupt. If not OK in any step, there is probably a corrupt object(s), or resource.


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Hey, thanks for your thoughts. The file is ported up from 2013. It is big 65MB or so. I went back to an earlier version of the file which was small but also ported up from 2013 and had the same behavior. I tried creating a new file and simple floor plan and the walk through worked fine, stopping and not returning to the initial view.

Later today working on the original job, it moved as it should. I might well have some corrupt objects as this file has been in progress for a long time, through many variations of design. It was, in fact, begun in VW 12.5!

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If you move around in walkthrough mode and get the issue to happen again, where it snaps back, if you change to a separate rendering mode, like Fast Renderworks, does it show you in the expected position or still snapped back to the original?

If you do the walkthrough in OpenGL, it snaps back, then you switch to wireframe then back to OpenGL, does it still show the wrong location?

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