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Hey [smile]

I was wondering if Vectorworks and VW Architect 9.5.1 will be compatible with the new Vectorworks 10 (ie. same file will work on both). Otherwise I will need to upgrade my home computer (i'm a student - big problem as lack of $$'s). Which leads me to my next question:

How much is an upgrade from VW 9.5.1 to VW 10 and ... how much is buying the full VW 10 package with Architect and RenderWorks and all that?

thanks heaps,


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If you are using VW for educational purposes, you are entitled to an educational version of VW. A sales person can discuss the upgrade options to you.

VW 9 files will convert to VW 10 files. If you convert a file to VW 10 and then decide to open it back to VW 9, you will need to export it as a vw 9 file.

VW 10 also has a batch convert available to convert folders of files at one time.

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