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overlapping lights causing color


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I have a few point lights which have their beams overlapping and it is causing a weird blue color. The lights are not blue (a light yellowish color) and the surface they are hitting is not blue (its stainless steel) and there is nothing blue in the scene. It doesn't happen when there is one light on, just when there is more than one. Also, the quality of the render doesn't seem to help either; it shows up in "final quality renderworks" too. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it! (This has happened in different files with totally different objects - its not a corruption.) A screen shot is attached to this post. Thanks!

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Hi Jim, thanks for responding. It does appear it is the brushed texture. It goes away with different textures. But I really need this brushed stainless steel. The texture is a gray with the reflectivity set to the Renderworks "Metallic", pattern is "Brushed", reflection is 75%, blurriness is 50%. Pretty basic and using what is already built into the program, nothing "homemade". Suggestions?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you can send that file (or just the pertinent objects in their own file) to tech@vectorworks.net i can have a closer look. I would GUESS that the reflection color of the metallic shader is too blue, but if its just the default brushed metal texture I haven't seen that before.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Got the file and had a look. Never seen anything like this, but as you say, where the lights are blending together on this texture they are creating a blueish hue, which if I change the color of the lights, becomes a different yet still incorrect hue.

Submitting it now, however it looks like this file was created in Vectorworks 2012, which I know wont be patched any longer. The issue does persist in 2013 and 2014 however, so I will see what can be done.

If I edit the texture, then edit the Metallic reflectivity shader and select brushed or Metallic, the blue seems to vanish. Only the Turned option seems to cause this. This may get you the effect you are looking for without having to wait for a resolution from us.

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