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Re-configured Drop-down Menus - Layers/Classes/Saved Views

Tom B


I get annoyed that, when I have a long list of layers or saved views, that I have to tediously scroll down one-by-one through my entire list to get to the particular layer or saved-view I want.

My wish is that these drop-down menus or lists be re-congfigured in one of two ways:

1. Create a double or even triple column format, so that any list longer than the screen height will jump to multiple columns. This way you could easily see and select from ALL of your items. The "Modify" menu already does this, among others, because of all the potential options.

2. Create a slider tab along the right side of any drop-down menu that exceeds the height of the screen. This is common in most Windows/PC programs and and already exists for the Tool Set menus when docked along the side of the screen, as well as the Object Info Palette for some items with multiple options to set.

This seems like it should be an easy fix for the next Version or Service Pack for Architect.

I use VWCAD 2014 on a PC.

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