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which mouse is best?

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I'm using a four button Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical. I use the normal left and right button clicks but have Delete programed into the thumb button and Enter programed for clicking the scroll button.

I used to have a five button Microsoft mouse. I thought I'd miss that fifth button, but the features of VW10 have allowed me to customized my right-click button for the documents (recent files) and objects (join, add/clip surface). So, technically you could get by with a two or three button mouse if you have VW10.

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is it better to use a single button mouse or a 3-button mouse with vectorworks/vectorworks architect? if a 3-button mouse is preferred, how should each button be programmed?

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i use a 5-button mouse (MS intellimouse) and have the buttons mapped so that i can navigate the drawing window...


right-click=2D selection tool

scroll button=zoom in window

thumb button 1=zoom out window

thumb button 2=pan

this lets me move around quickly with the mouse with one hand (right for me) and lets me use my left hand for keyboard commands. another hint would be to map the keyboard commands you use the most for the left side of the keyboard so that you are not reaching so much with your keyboard hand (this will make you a speed user, you will be surprised at how quickly you can "relearn" keyboard commands-ie. set line command to A, Q for offset, ` for text...)

i recently tried out a couple cordless mice-the top-of-the-line logitech (really slick but extremely poor ergonomics) and the cordless MS intellimouse. i didn't like either because they were so uncomfortably heavy with the batteries. [Frown]

anyway-my 2?

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I have been using a Wacom Intuos 4 x 6 tablet. It has a 3 button mouse and the center button is a scroling wheel. Now is VW 10 the scroll wheel works and with the option button the page also move side to side. Works Great. I bet the Graphire tablet would work the same.

The mouse is comfortable and has weight so it moves nice. The tablet is corded but the mouse is cordless. You get to set all kinds of features and preferences.

You also get a cordless pen with either tablet. Check them out .


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I'm on Mac using a Kensington 4-button Turbo Mouse. Kensington's Mouseworks software allows programming of the 4 buttons for different applications, including "chording" (press 2 buttons at once). My buttons are:

Lower left = click

Upper left - delete

Lower right = undo (command + Z)

Upper right = trim (command + T)

Chord lower buttons = Join (command + J)

Chord upper buttons = was Extend with 8.5.2, not still unassigned in 9.5.3

Being able to initiate keyboard commands from the TurboMouse has been a fantastic advantage. I look forward to purchasing the new TurboMouse Pro which apparently adds a scroll wheel to the mix, plus some other programmable buttons which may or may not be useful in VW.

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