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Anyone actually running VW 2012 on mavericks


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As title I am undecided if ti is worth the upgrade???

especial on my old workhorse 2008 macbook pro? (2.4ghz dual core 8gb ram running 10.8.5).

I read the technical forum and it said there are issues but it will run?.. Dunno what that means LOL

Any real experiences out there???



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have many users that have upgraded to Mavericks, uninstalled and reinstalled Vectorworks, then had no problems in the application.

I have also had users (less than those experiencing no problems, but still more than a few) that specifically have run into:

-Attempt to install and the installation fails

-Fail/crash when exporting to DWG

-Fail/crash on anything involving OpenGL rendering

Since it isn't supported any longer, we don't have any official/extensive testing results of what specifically all the issues are, these are the ones I have heard of personally from users.

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I use it. And it's usable to me. Still the odd crash (but that's not unusual....even if the VW version and OS version are fully compatible).

2 issues I've seen:

- occasionally when using a larger file the little 'highlight' box around the icons in the toolbars follows the mouse pointer. It's kinda funny - if you do circles with the mouse around the tool icons, the highlight follows behind slowly so it continues to highlight tools long after the mouse has stopped (if that makes any sense....a bit tough to explain)

- tool palettes change all over the place when switching monitors. This again is not unusual (I can't wait for the day OS allow palette docking), but it gets worse with this setup.

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  • 2 weeks later...

no issues running vw 2012 / 2013 / 2014 on mavericks. actually more stable than 2014 in my opinion. Using vw since 1986 was called Blueprint then. Just installed on the NEW MacPro, received it Tuesday and runs flawlessly. This new Mac is scary fast, opened all software on my system, and 12 vw files and it still rendered a complex model in Final Renderworks in about 5 seconds

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