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Rendering not Visible


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

OpenGL and Final Quality Renderworks both show nothing?

Normally when wireframe and hidden line work fine but you see nothing in the other modes, means you either have NO light at all (usually the rendering is then black) or too much light (usually then its solid white) but that's just a guess based on common things users run into.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It turned out there were two lines something to the effect of 10e27 meters from the original geometry, which can cause issues with rendering.

To identify the problem, we (Mike Groves, another Tech here who got to your email before I did) used Edit > Select All, then View > Zoom > Fit to Objects, which showed the geometry far from the documents origin.

Then, we simply selected your intentionally drawn objects, then used Edit > Invert Selection, to select anything other than your table, which gave us the selection of two line objects. Once these were removed, the rendering engine was able to do its job without failing.

For both you and any other users that may come across this thread, more info on working with the origin can be found here:


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