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Where has the AEC palette in VW8.5 gone in VW10?

How do you draw stairs, door, windows, etc in VW10? There is no mention of any of these in the index.Do I have to upgrade to VW Architect as well?

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VW 9 broke all the industry series products up.

If you are looking for tools in the AEC palette, most of them are in VW Architect.

If you do mostly architectural drawings, you should get VW Architect.

The sales person should have explained the differences to you at purchase time.

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In VW9 (and in the VW10 demo) a good number of the tools are still available through the workspace editor. In the "Tools" tab pane (inside the Workspace editor) there are headings for both "AEC" and "Architect". You should check out which tools are still packaged with the standard VW before coughing up the extra cash for Architect.

Hope that helps.

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