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Don't force design layers for story level types.

Dieter @ DWorks


We should be able to define story level types without the need for design layers. They are two separate things. Things will be so much simpler and easier to use.

I'm currently working on a renovation where almost all level types are changed from existing to new, so I have around 12 level types per story. You can imagine how many design layer I got when I have 4 stories, as I need additional design layers for other things. And from those 12 of a story, I only use 2 or 3, so that's a min. Of 9x4 (=36) stories I don't use.

I really can't see the reason why a design layer is needed for defining a level type, other that to decide which level types there are in a story. And this can be tackled in a far better way by just adding the list of level types to the story in the stories tab of the organization dialog box.

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I.e. Story Levels shouldn't automatically become Story Design Layers per se. Agreed!!


If implemented perhaps we could then have PIOs that span (or are bounded by) several Story Levels!?

To clarify:

For bounding and relationship purposes one creates:

Story 1, with Story Levels:--------------Possible Story Design Layers:

Story 1 HVAC

Story 1 Ceiling----------------------------Story 1 Ceiling DL

Story 1 Split Level

Story 1 Railings

Story 1 Floor finish------------------------Story 1 Floor DL

Story 1 Slab finish

Story 1 Slab reinforcement-------------Story 1 Slab DL

Walls would then preferably be bounded between Story 1 Floor DL and Story 1 Ceiling DL (i.e. crossing several Story Levels).

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