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EPS images turning into unwanted gray squares, how to fix?

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Dear listers,

I design exhibition layouts with lots of images for years and this is the first time I'm having a problem with the images. After clipping them ( such as a teapot with paths around it and inside its handle) and converting them to Pshop EPS, I import them to VW. Then I scale them to whatever. Everything is fine, but after about 15 minutes of VW use these images turn into gray squares with Xs thru them. This never happened in VW 2012 or older versions, never at all, this problem stated with VW 2013 and still happening in VW2014. To get rid of the squares and return to the image I must restart VW. Then it happens, again, in 5 -- 20 minutes of use. Happens inside of viewports, in design layers, wherever. A real PITA.

Happens on my iMac at work and my laptop at home, same problems.

I'm attaching the before and after JPEGS for your input. And a screen shoot of my preferences, as maybe that will help.

Any comments or help appreciated! Apologies for any cross-posting. Many thanks,

Markus Dohner

Art Institute Chicago

VW2014 Designer 2014 27" iMac with 8G VRAM and 16G system memory

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The objects are EPS images that I import into VW 2013 or 2014, THis problem hasn't occurred in earlier versions all the way back to 12.5

Top/plan 2D elevations or plans

See attached file in VW2014 Designer, 343KB.

You will have to use the file or leave it open for 20 minutes before the eps images turn into gray boxes.

Thanks, let me know what your thoughts are.


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