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Bloated files w/ imported images?

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Good Day,

I haven't had time to dig to the very bottom of this problem so if there is an obvious reason I apologize in advance. I have a couple of people working on presentation drawings and there are the requisite imported images for logos. The actual files are relatively simple, 0 ht walls, 2d elevations and the like. One of them complained to me that the file was feeling slow, so I investigated and the one set of files was 25 megs for EACH drawing, and the other I believe it was 15 megs apiece.

I know there have been many posts on the size of VW 9 files, but this is where this story takes a strange twist. If I open one of these 25 meg files, (I am verifying in "About VectorWorks" the 25,xxx K files size)delete the imported images from the file, Save, go back to "About VW" it reports the file size to be 3,xxx K. Verify in the finder the file size. Back in VW simply hit Undo/Cmd-Z what ever, choose save again and file size does NOT change. Not in About VW or in the finder. Huh?

VW 9.5.3

OS 10.1.5 and 10.2.1



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VectorWorks does not store images as compressed data. It just stores the raw bitmap in the file.

Import a 32 bit 640x480 jpeg thats 24k on your disk and it will bloat your file by 1.2 megs.

If at all possible you should do your logo as an EPS file with a 72dpi preview. This will stay at a small size in your file and provide high quality output provided that you are printing to a PostScript printer.

Otherwise your other options to reduce this kind of bloat is to import at lower bit depth like 8 bit, or use a lower resoulution image file.

If it is the same logo being repeated all over the file on different layers. Turn it into a symbol and use that instead or the raw image.

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Hi Matt,

I knew the problems with image files, what was weird was that if I deleted the image from the file, saved it, undid the delete and saved again, the file stayed at 13% of the original file. It was almost as if there was a 10 meg overhead that was flushed out for each image import.

Should I watch these files?

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