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Swept Path Analysis Plug-In - Fully developed



Does anyone know of a Swept Path Analysis Software that would work with Vector Works or one that doesn't require the purchase of a second CAD program?

We need a Swept Path Analysis component to Landmark. Please look at Bricsturn or Transoft Simtra for examples. Its very difficult too design site plans or urban communities and demonstrate adequate vehicular movements without it. Now I have to export to DWG and go find someone with AutoCAD and AutoTurn to run an analysis. 2D static templates just don't cut it anymore.

Please help by responding to this with suggestions and idea so we can move it up the priority list for VW. I understand I'm not the first to request it.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Well if the plugin wasnt installed in 2015, then it wouldn't show you any controls for objects made with the same plugin in a previous version, it would have to be installed in Vectorworks 2015 to control it manually in that version.

So if it CAN be installed, it may work, otherwise itll need to be updated first.

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On 2/4/2014 at 10:20 PM, PVA - Jim said:

What does the tool need to be capable of to be useful?

What level of accuracy is required?



It would be interesting to implement some country specific route norms like the VSS in Switzerland, but if that is to exigent, I thing we can simply have the dimensions of the vehicle, turning radius and the control of the path curve.

Can we do something like this with Marionnette ?

Thanks in advance,


Bruno Ferraz

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