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Swept Path Analysis Plug-In - Fully developed



Does anyone know of a Swept Path Analysis Software that would work with Vector Works or one that doesn't require the purchase of a second CAD program?

We need a Swept Path Analysis component to Landmark. Please look at Bricsturn or Transoft Simtra for examples. Its very difficult too design site plans or urban communities and demonstrate adequate vehicular movements without it. Now I have to export to DWG and go find someone with AutoCAD and AutoTurn to run an analysis. 2D static templates just don't cut it anymore.

Please help by responding to this with suggestions and idea so we can move it up the priority list for VW. I understand I'm not the first to request it.

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Bricsturn, Simtra, Autoturn and Siteops all have good examples,

For our purposes, basically we need to be able to create a path of compound and reverse curves through a parking lot or neighborhood of streets, using a selected vehicle (e.g. WB50, etc.). If the selection of vehicles is not comprehensive we need to be able to create custom ones. We need to then display the swept path limits and display/plot in 2D that "swept path" along with the vehicle at select positions.

After that its all bells and whistles. Backing maneuvers are definitely a plus. Animation, well now that would be the best but non-essential.

Any help is much appreciated. I would happily contribute to a 3rd party effort but can't justify a second CAD program.

Accuracy, say 1' +/-

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Many have asked for this in the past, I have used AutoTurn in the past and it works great to validate designs (as a developer we were mainly concerned with saving on asphalt).

There is a basic plugin tool on the VSS site called "vehicle sweep path Tool". It only goes forward, but you might be able to cheat by changing the radius to get a reverse pattern. It's all 2D planer and will not consider any DTM nor approach speeds.

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We really need a fully functional swept path analysis plug-in that allows you to select from a list for vehicles (or create your) and plot a path through a parking area or community. It needs to allow for and plot backing maneuvers, etc.

For my own purposes it does not need to animate the movement or plot at speed but others have mentioned this. Please help. I would gladly pay a reasonable amount $250 for a added componetn if that's what it took.

Thank you.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Not sure, some of them have to be explicitly updated to work with 2015, I am not sure if this is one that you would just be able to run without issue on a newer version. Some plugins are more sensitive to version changes than others.

I will contact Design Express (they made this plugin) and see.

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